Apple iphone 4 problems.

Okay, so ive never really liked apple because of how complicated things can be with them.

And now i like them even less.

I have had two apps stuck on “waiting” and “installing” for a week now, instagram and splice. I use splice for my videos and i have footy on it that needs to edited, cant access either apps, delete them off my SCREEN or delete them from my SETTINGS.

I have rebooted, reset all my settings and download the apps via appstore on my laptop and installed them on my device. It runs the install, when the bar gets fully blue it goes blank and the app icon turns whitish, u can still tell what app it just goes a lil frostyyy.

I have searched the web, read forums and such, for the solution. All the solutions seem to work for everybody but me.

Can anybody shed any light on this? Please help, i need my daily ig likes lolol, and this video needs to be pushed before i go away.

Please and thank you - a disgruntled apple customer

Or you could call apple service instead of asking (Most likely) Unexperienced people on a forum?

you act like i havent done that already buddy hahahahahahahahahhahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahhahaahhahahahahahahahahahaha

The only times I’ve had problems with apps getting stuck downloading is when my Internet connection isn’t good, or isn’t strong enough to fully push through. I can’t really explain anything further…does your phone have any water damage? Slight water damage can really throw off iPhones. As can dropping it. Slight bumps, or even just some steamy air gets into the phone it can short some circuits and cause little tiny problems such as that, and the phone can be functional, but that one thing might be messed up.

Not sure if that’s what it is, just shining some light here, and try to help. I am no expert. :slight_smile:

Try restoring the phone and loading your most recent boot.

Some apps require a network connection to update or install, otherwise you may be out or room on your phone, need to agree to the newest terms of service, your firmware may not support the update/ install, or you just need to turn your phone off and the on again.

Ive tried everything, no damage to my phone what so ever. Have full wifi and all that. I think im just gunna restore to factory defaults.

If i have my stuff backed up an i restore it, i can just plug into itunes on my laptop and sync it all back right?

Thanks for the help guyyyys

I think you need to restore the last backup from itunes, not sync it. After the restore you can sync.
(If I understand the question)

im sorry for the miscommunication. I meant, if i restore it to factory defaults (which erases everything and its basically a “new” iphone, you know like just outta the box) and since all my apps and contacts, pics etc. are on my icloud and back up thingy, i should be able to just plug in the “new iphone” and run a sync which would put all my stuff back on it.

Good lord does apple make it hard or what?

OK - that’s what I thought you said. I can’t get to my itunes on my windows side right now but after you restore the factory defaults I believe you use itunes to restore your last backup which I think is different than a sync. I thought sync only restored the music and such. Restoring the backup may also reload the music etc. I’m an apple neophyte.

werrd. C wur i did dur? Lol

Thanks brah! And yeah we have the same concept idea about putting the stuff back on just different terms.

Thanks again everybody!

What do you mean before you go away? :open_mouth:

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Its probably gunna be a lot longer tho, 2x most likely. Whether it is or it isnt, i will be alllllright. No worries.

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That being said, it still is disheartening that i have to go, i will miss a lot of you guys and yoyos an my dog and stuff but you will all be here when i come home, except my dog shes really old ive had her since i was 9 she might not be here when i get back, but thats okay cause we have had a lot of fun over the past 11 years.

But yeah ill be back! And expect some dope new moves from me a little after i get back!
Cant have yoyos in there sadly. I plan on getting real good instead of just goofin off with it, and hopefully pick up a sponsorship at some point.

Have you tried switching it off then on again?

*yeah, totally didn’t read this post, just the part where you said “thanks guys” and I figured it was resolved. Sorry if that was inappropriate…

yeah mannn, no worries. Miscommunication happens on a regular basis!