Anyone know where i can see a pic of a black/clear chief?

I might be getting a 9th run chief and the available colour choices are concrete blizzard, black/clear or a gold/clear. I can find images of concrete blizzards but not the other colourways…

Thank you.

If you’re looking at the site I think you’re looking at, hit the “click for slideshow” button, the black/clear and gold/clear are there.

I am looking at a UK site- i will try to search US websites stores.

Are the black/clear actually called black/clear or something different with clear specs or black and white etc?

I know what site you’re talking about, and they do have pictures on there, look again (its a slideshow)

Thanks got it. It’s the 2nd image on the slide show, top right 2 pics!

i think the concrete blizzard looks better -either that or the july 2012 release on the same website which is the foxy moss colour.

If the 9th edition (sept 2012) concrete blizzard is in no way different/an upgrade from the july 2012 foxy moss, i might be tempted to go for the foxy moss, but i’m not sure.

Edit: seems like concrete blizzard is 11th run (newest edition)