Any yoyoers in berlin?

i never saw yoyoers in berlin or germany. are there any in berlin?

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… they all hide away during daytime… But honestly, afaik there a a couple of throwers in Berlin, at least, since Dave still does his business there and still teaches lads in his “hood”. I´, from Frankfurt actually and am throwing since 1998 or so. But, of course, Yoing in Germany isn’t seen too much these days - at least not, since the hype (early 2000s) stopped.

Some (only a few) are still active here - even though not Berlin-based @Kray :wink:

who´s dave?

and where is he teaching?

google him: dave geigle. owns and runs iyoyo.

ahh lol thanks a lot :blush:

@LDTravel_yoyo06 @Buzz are you going to the german national yoyo contest this year in october?? I want to go there

Cool, but actually I’m too old for that :slight_smile: Might take my kids there - but not sure concerning other scheduled activities.

There should be a bunch of old TYM Members anyway - Eric (UFO) used to do the moderation at the Germans - reach out to Jumper… I’d bet some of the ‚old boys‘ will show up!


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dont now i just play since 4 months i progress super fast but i dont think i´m ready yet.

You might just visit the show and watch the contestants

yea i think im going to do that