any yoyo-ers in san mateo?


hey is anyone from san mateo/foster city and wants to yo w/me? getting lonely just yoyoing with my dog next to me… i’ll meet ya in central park :stuck_out_tongue:


btw, would anyone be interested in maybe starting a yoyo club at Talbot’s Toyland? It’s a hobby shop with like model trains and stuff, its really cool, very mom + pop. I think I could get them to sell good yoyos besides yomega and duncan (eg: YYF and YYJ maybe) and stuff, but there has to be a demand for them. If we create a demand for them, maybe we can get something cool in stock in the Bay Area. It would be easy for me too and I know there’s gotta be something like this that people want for the Bay Area. Just an idea, though it could totally work and be awesome. Could be an educational program too…



There’s some big stuff in San Francisco and San Jose. You might start there. However, don’t let me discourage you from starting your own meet. If you can get people together, it’s loads of fun!


what clubs are there in sf