Any tutorials on the 6 point star picture trick sequence ?

Hi community,
I watched this video recently:
I wanted to learn this picture trick sequence but seems a pain to keep track of in the video (that’s my last resource).
Does anyone know the name of the trick ?
(I’m calling it 6 point star picture trick sequence)
Any tutorials on how to learn this ?

Thanks in advance.

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Easily the best 1A “Star Picture Trick” Video, yet. There is a 7 Pointed Star/Septagram in there at the beginning, as well as the Six Pointed Star. That 7 Pointed Star is a new one to me, I have been trying to learn that for a while. The easiest way I have found is to do Star Of David/Six Pointed Star/Hexagram is from the Jamaican Flag, it isn’t AS exciting as the ones with the Yo-Yo on the string but it is possible to do a Six Pointed Star from the Jamaican Flag formation.

that string looks like marshmallow :o :o

He has other tutorials with the same string, looks like a fat kitty with an UV light, just guessing.