Any Players From Ireland?

Hey all

My name is Graham, 23, I’ve been throwing bout 2 years-ish… I’m mainly based in the Dublin/Wicklow area in Ireland, and i love YoYoFactory! :slight_smile:

I posted some new tricks of mine in the tricks section and introduced myself there…
But i don’t know if many people look at that section for general stuff, so i thought i’d introduce myself here too.

I’m an Irish yoyo player and only 1 of 3 that i know of and i’d really like to change that, i’m dying to meet new players.

So if any there’s any irish players on here you know of, send em my way.
And if any irish players see this, get in touch! :slight_smile:

Search youtube for “The Irish YoYo Guy”
and you’ll find my tuts and videos of my just playing yoyo :slight_smile:

Nice to meet you all!

I’m in the Uk, but check out , it is a UK, Europe yoyo players forum, I’m on there under the same name, hope I helped?

thats where i get all my yoyo supplies! haha!
alright, i’ll try the forums there too :slight_smile: