Any northern idaho throwers?

Any yoyoers that live in northern idaho or the palouse area?

I used to live there, about a year ago, there’s this other kid, going to school at the U of I who is really good, believe his name is Adam Spencer… I could be wrong… I just know his first name is Adam… Its been a while.

We have a pretty big club in boise

There’s a couple people at U of I

Thanks Raptor T. And sparhawk i might be seeing you soon i visit family in boise every school break so ill try to go then

Although there’s always someone there that yoyos and they have some cool stuff for sale

the actual club meets the last saturday of every month. Some people go down every saturday though.

Its Dave Bazan right sparhwk?

Yep and he has Chris (pyrotechnic) working there most of the time

Cool what good throws fo tgey have at time zone?

“Do they”

They get in a lot of yyf and magicyoyo

There’s some onedrops there too

Dave also has a used section with some clyw’s and other stuff

Sweet looking for a used onedrop cascade does he have one there saphawk?

They did have a new cascade last I was there but not sure if it’s still there. I think there was a brokenheart one

Im in the far north Idaho panhandle. Sandpoint / Coeur d` Alene area