AndreYoyo B/S/T: Update

B/S/T Rules

1.Do not offer any Caribou Lodge (It’s not that I don’t like them I think they are over priced)
2.If you have 19 or less positive feedback and one is neutral or negative you ship first.
3.If you have 20 or more positive feedback and one is negative or neutral you have to explain why.
4.Offer as much +$80 YYF as possible.
5.If I am selling only offer cash.
6.Offer anything. (remember rule 1 and 4)
7.I have a B/S/T on this link so do not send me messages for pictures (unless you want more angles)

SuperNova2012-Silver/w Red Splash

SuperStar2011-Un-ingraved Ann Connoly edition Light Purple w/ Blue Splash

Rockstar2012-Un-ingraved Blue w/ Gold splash (B-Grade for black speckles)

SuperG-Half Blue w/Half Purple Wavelength with wavelength (limited edition)

SuperG-First Run Blue w/ Acid Wash

SuperG-Pink w/ Green Acid Wash

SuperG-Gray w/ Purple Splash

HeavyHitter2011Nationals-Half Black/Half Red

Dv888-Gold w/ Light Blue splash (Has Hubstacks)

Here are the pictures: