Andre is posting more

Is it just me our has Andre been posting more? Its most definitely not a bad thing I just was used to Andre almost never posting ever. I think its cool that he is posting more it makes me feel like I’m on the forums with the president though. ;D anyways keep posting Andre I think its awesome you are starting to use your forum more!

I agree! It is awesome

I feel the same way, this is great.

Thanks guys. :wink:

The forum is definitely an important aspect of YoYoExpert and I haven’t forgotten about it!

Looking to bring back our chat night too in the near future.


Chat night would be shweet, in my opinion. Nice to hear from you, Andre.

Yup, I agree too this forum is a million times better when you’re on here Andre!

The cloning must have been successful :slight_smile:


I always new YYF was pushing the limits on SOMETHING top secret.

Mwahahahahaha!!! Project Lolery is a success!