Andre got his new bling!

Andre got his new bling.

Tons of swag Andre ;).

Enjoy, best yoyo store/owner!


Very cool, congrats!

It fits him perfectly too. Nice job! ;D

Cool congrats!!!

Ps: Next time u post a pic copy the img url.

I was thinking the same thing



Why? You don’t need a link if you can see the pic.

I know but if you post the img link then it doesnt bring you to the whole website, just an easy to tap on pic that you can go out of more easily. Btw i’m talking about on mobile.

First off, not to be rude, but why should I need to know if your talking mobile :wink: ;D lololol!

Also- I did do the IMG, but the new Photobucket does IMG inside URL.

Ill fix it, and thanks for being clear.

It wasnt a big deal haha it workx both ways. Sorry

well played sending Andre a bracelet, I’m sure he appreciates the thoughtfulness during the holiday time. Looks nice too!