Aluminum yo-yo

What Aluminum Yo-yo should I get for around $100? An Advanced one. 888x?

Try a Double-Take Industries BassBoost. Only 50 dollars.

Most metal yoyos will play good. Do you have preferences?

Hmm, Can you PM me where to buy one?

wait hold on hold on. you know nothing about it besides its price. what do you like in a yoyo? undersized or larger? heavy, floaty; do you care about grinds? slacks, suicides, whips? do you want hubstacks or spikes? what have you played with before?

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I seriously think i am lucky to be in Singapore.

If all you want is a metal yoyo go get a protege or lunatic both are good relatively cheap throws

You have to answer his questions before we can really help you.

Thank You, umm undersized, heavy, hubstaks, and whips. Also, long spin times for when I first start learning a trick. So far a Pocket Pros Zombie.

888x? If you want hubstacks, you have to get YYF. So yeah. 888 is undersized, will whip, just not that heavy.

I would recommend a 888 classic over tye 888x just because for some reason its more stable making it easier to learn new tricks imo

Thank you very much.

888 classic is discontinued, but you could get it on BST. The Yuuksta would be another good choice its 888 sized and more stable, but doesn’t have stacks.

You don’t need a super expensive yoyo, or even a metal one, to get a great yoyo.

Based on your preferences, a Yuuksta would seem to fit well. It isn’t all that heavy, but it feels like it on the string.

a skyline?

yes you would be very pleased with almost any of these yoyos the skyline is alot like a 888 except with beefier rims makig it more stable. the yuuksta is also very stable too. either one will make you a very happy thrower.

but the skyline has hubstacks. also i am falling for the purple and yellow splash look. not to found of the yuuksta’s look. but still, opinion