All sold please close!


Goblin bile sold!



BUMP! I can’t believe this monkey has lasted so long!



Hummingbird still available?

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Yes, I sent you a DM.

MFD price drop!!

New throw added!



Ok… I will be kind in this post>

About 3 weeks ago, you posted up your BST. The first item you listed was a Monkeyfinger yo-yo.
19 days ago, yoyo4fun posted wondering why the yo-yo was still listed when it’s already gone?

I fully understand you want/need money to fund your yo-yo making adventure. I also think your prototype looks very nice. But why suck some folks in by baiting them with a yo-yo that was sold about 3 weeks ago(approx?).

Why not edit your subject as they are no longer up for sale…

You want people to be ‘kind’ with their responses?

Why not include.yourself in the ‘kindness’ category by being more transparent about what you have for sale?

Click baiting is ‘not’ very nice.

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I think you have misunderstood what they were asking, as I have also spoken to them privately. I would be more than willing to discuss this with you. The title of the post has always listed what is currently for sale, and I frequently update this post when items are sold. @yoyodoc

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Yo, my guy, they thought it was the MonkeyfingeR they were looking for and it wasn’t. I don’t know if you know anything about MFD and the collectors, but a lot of us really look for certain models in certain colorways. That’s all that was happening! Not trying to be mean just hoping to shed some light on it.
Also free bump since that Jokers Wild is still up, which is insane lol!


You guys are correct and I am wrong.

I can see that there is clearly a Monkeyfinger for sale. I was certainly asleep at the wheel on this one. Obviously you have/had more than 1 MF for possible sale.

My public apology for failing to see your edit.

And… PS. toasterV78. I get you on this. I really don’t know that much about MFD or the ‘collectors’. I certainly would have had a better understanding and not said a thing.

I do know that the guy is from Canada and his yo-yos are really good and come in crazy colors and are hard to get.

I promise to pay better attention in the future. Oops🤓


Thank you, I truly appreciate your apology. I understand that we all make mistakes, and it takes a good person to admit them, especially in public. Hats off to you.


Bump :slight_smile: