ALL SOLD feel free to close

Goji (Celeste/Mars Bars halfswap) TRADED
Mk1 Sliver (taro) SOLD

Near mint, only thrown a handful of times with no marks. Goji has been unscrewed once to half swap. Feel free to DM for more pictures.

CONUS shipping included in prices.
Add 3.5% for paypal fees if paying G&S
Add $8 for international shipping

Thanks for looking!

More pics:



bump with price drop and sliver added, prices include CONUS shipping!

I am highly interested in the Sliver

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@kight tried to DM but it says I can’t. Could you send some more pics of the sliver?

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I think it might have to do with the fact that you’re a new member. If you post around you should be able to earn your basic permissions. Here’s some Sliver pics:

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