All my questions in 1 post.


Hello there. I decided that, instead of making a million of different posts, I will just combine all of my questions into 1 thread. And I swear there is no “help” section for me, so, if you would like, move it to the help section. Thanks

  1. How can I make a slipknot bigger?

  2. Tips for learning how to bind.

  3. About how long will it take to bind?

  4. Is it possible to get rid of spaghetti string without doing any tricks or moves?

5.Is a bind basically a trapeze when doing it the sidemount way?

Yeah, I know I need to shut up with all of these questions but, I can’t and I’m proud of it. =D Haha, thanks.


Help sections:
(If you need a yoyo recommendation),15.0.html

(If you need help with a trick),3.0.html

Answers to your question:

1: You just pull the loop down? I’m not sure what you mean, this is a pretty easy thing to do… I’ll try to take pictures to help you.

2: Don’t just drop the string, sort of angle it towards you, and pull it in to the gap.

3: Depends on your abilities. It took me about 2 hours to learn. For some it can be shorter or longer.

4: Yes. Drop the yoyo while it is not spinning. The string will naturally untwist itself, and get back to neutral tension.

5: Kind of? A bind is a way to return the yoyo to your hand. There are many ways to bind a yoyo

Slip knot help-

Tie a basic loop of your choice. I prefer the Surgeon’s Loop. Your yoyo string should look similar to this:

Next, pull the string through the loop. From here, you can adjust it to your liking. Should look similar to this:


Awesome thanks! That is all.


I’m just going to add onto a few of the q’s:

  1. An easy but advanced way comes from the Split Bottom Mount. You literally just hold the string in one position, and it adjusts the tension. When you’re up to that stage, feel free to PM me, I’ll teach you the trick :slight_smile:

  2. No, a trapeze is like a forward undermount. Think of it this way: a breakaway is like throwing a sleeper, and then turning counterclockwise 90 degrees. So get into a bind mount, then turn 90 degrees left, that’s your bind mount. It’s actually a reverse of the trapeze, and it’s called a backspin mount.


Yeah, exactly. I think I know the Split Bottom thing Grolk is talking about, and it’s easy, plus it looks scool. He’s also right about the bind. The most basic one is a reverse trapeze, basically. I’m uploading pics soon.


1: How to make the slipklnot bigger? As long as you can get string through the loop to make the slipknot, you’re fine. You are tying a loop, then pulling the string through the loop, right?

2: Tips to learn to bind? Short of getting out of the house and socializing with others who can, practice. Also, watch other videos. I find the RethinkYoYo and the HighSpeedYoYo videos are the best for this. The one Andre shows in the tutorials here isn’t that easy and can be snaggy.

3: How long does it take to bind? A fraction of a second. Oh, you probably meant learning. To each their own I say. It took me over a month. It might take you 5 minutes. However, you’re learning on your own, so be patient. It’s just harder without guidance. If I can do it, you certainly can, so don’t give up. I would say a few days and you should have it working.

4: Getting rid of spaghetti string? There are tricks to managing string tension. Short of that, remove the yoyo from your finger, unwind the string, let it untwist on its own, re-wind and get back to it. Trust me, you need to learn a “trick” to managing your string tension. You’re not ready yet, but after you can bind, you will be.

5: There are many binds. Cutting it to the minimal, you can bind from a front throw and a break-away(sideways). While you CAN bind from a trapeze, I don’t recommend it. You want to reverse the trapeze first. See the ReThinkYoYo and HighSpeedYoYop videos on this topic, it will make more sense. The bind itself is putting string into the gap for the purpose of it hitting the response syste and catching in order to return the yoyo to your hand.

You know, you need to ASK QUESTIONS so you can get answers. So, keep asking.


Also, adding on to no. 4, I use a swivel on my string. It basically negates all tension, so I don’t have to worry about spaghetti string. Here’s a thread on it, for your info. Really nice, you might wanna look into it. :smiley:,59524.0.html


Swivels are steroids for yoyos… I uploaded pictures of how to do a slipknot. I think you may have been doing it wrong…


If swivels are steroids, what are bearings?


All of my questions are answered. And 1 month for you to learn how to bind??? This is going to be a long and bumpy ride for me… But oh well. It’ll be worth it when I become the best yoyoer in the world. =D


If you’re learning on your own, the bind is harder to learn. As I said, if I can do it, you can do it. If someone else can show you and help you, you should be able to get it fairly quick so you understand the basics and how it works, as well as learning a basic bind from the break-away and front-throw. After that, the more you practice, the better you’ll get. It’s just getting that consistency in the first place that’s the issue, and even more so when learning on your own.

Once you can do it, take a LOT of time to get it to a point where you don’t have to concentrate on it so much. It is worth the effort.


Haha yeah your right. I am having a heck of a lot of fun learning already. I would of have quit already if I did not find you or this site. Cheers! ;D