all gone


Di Base has a small vibe to the touch, few small dings, plays great.
Token has probably 6 very small marks throughout, hard to notice, very smooth plays great as well.
Puffin 2 green apple, was able to tune it so it was “okay” but has a pretty bad vibe and a very small wobble if you look closely. More than playable though, I used it quite a bit.
50 shipped takes all, great deal!!
I’ll also toss in a purple with white caps yyj classic.
only looking for metal mojo’s or possibly delrin. would trade all for a milk.
Mostly looking to trade but I would also probably sell!
Would much rather sell or trade as a set! Thanks!
Video of puffin!



bump with video of small puffin wobble.


They don’t want you to buy these

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