Added a Torrent 2 Want Alien Autopsy 54

I only have like 4 feedback on here but on YYN I have 14 Positive rating under the same name.
One update Will trade Torrent 2 for Alien Autopsy 54
General Yo Pre Pro Raw Torrent 2. Ok the only reason I am putting this up if because I am planning on getting a production run. Its MIP which is a plastic baggy. Zero Vibe (Come on what did you expect). The only things I want for this is :
VsNYYC Battosai Legitimate Raptor Edition or Rarer colorway Must be Mint and Smooth
VsNYYC Skywalker Mint and Smooth
Mint General Yo Five Star 1st Run or Japan Edition Second Run Five Star Black/Purple
First Run Torrent haha yah right.

C13 clear ano dead smooth a few very very minor scratches pinprick here and there only seen in certain lighting mostly, comes with OD 10 ball bearing.

How much do you want for the c13?

want an MVP?