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(André Boulay) #1

Join us this Tuesday through Thursday with the amazing @Evan_Nagao on the YoYoExpert Forums for an AMA session as he leaves for the #ShangaiShowdown!

To post a question make sure it is in the #forum-chat-w-the-pros:evan-nagao-forum-chat-w-the-pros category!

We will be GIVING AWAY!
• Evan’s favorite question - Edge Beyond
• Crowd favorite (most likes) - WEDGE
• 5 random questions - Plutonium 10 Pack

Questions Posted between Tuesday July 31st and Thursday August 2nd at 11:59PM EST are valid entries! Three Question Entries Per Person. (Note Evan will be answering questions on Wednesday )


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(Samuel Yoder) #5

When are the winners posted? And where will they be posted?

(Alexander ramirezz) #6

thats a very good question @Samuel

(André Boulay) #7

We will be announcing winners tomorrow! :blush:

(Samuel Yoder) #8

Thank you! :grin::squid:

(Andre Hurtado) #9

Oh snap!
Really excited for this


Winners will be announced Wednesday. AND since you’re all so patient I’ll be adding a bonus WEDGE prize for my favorite topic too. :grin:

(Samuel Yoder) #11

Alright, that’s perfectly fine👍🏻