AAA Throwdown 2001 (3A at Nationals)

This is a video I filmed and put up on ExtremeSpin in 2001. I’ve been going through my old stuff, and just put it up on youtube. If you’re a newer player, check it out.

This was before there was an actual division for 3A, so we all organized it on our own in the parking lot of the hotel at Nationals! There are a lot of amazing people in this video: Steve Brown, Mark McBride, Hank Freeman, Spencer Berry, etc. Check out the annotations during the video for more info.

My original info when I posted this back in 2001:

Performer(s):  Hank Freeman, Rob Reeves, Mark McBride, Steve Brown, Taylor Whitley, James Lac, Spencer Berry, Felix A., Nathan, and that-other-guy-whose-name-I-can’t-remember. (sorry)
Description:  AAA is a style in which you do two handed string tricks. This was a small competition outside the Holiday Inn that was held by Mark McBride. This is the WHOLE video, except for the mess ups. Some mess ups are still in the video however, if they came close, etc. The rules kept changing, since they didn’t expect so many people with so many tricks. The most important rule was that They didn’t have to CATCH the yo-yos, they only had to get OUT of the trick. The winner was decided based on who the crowd thought had completed the best/most tricks.

Thats so cool! Seeing Mark Mcbride and Hank Freeman doing that way back, and Steve Brown doin some 5ax3a