A-RT X SF Unknown Edition DK - GONE

A-RT X SF Knob unknown edition for trade

Knob is brand new, hasn’t been thrown/taken apart. I was able to get one of the avacado color way with this past sale so I am putting this one out there.

Looking for a Grail in mint condition, or other A-RT throws, please PM me offers. Thanks for looking!


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LOL I don’t recall getting the cool faux Ikea instructions with mine. That’s awesome!


Yeah it’s a nice little touch.

I think it was only part of the unknown edition


I suspected as much since the unknown logo is in the instructions, as pictured.

Yeah lol that would make sense. I didn’t even look at it, I had just heard about it being discussed elsewhere

I’m not sure why it’s not bumping with the edit. I’ll try again tomorrow!

Only edits to the last post in the topic will bump. This does imply we might want a setting that makes the topic bump when the first post is edited, though… :thinking:

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Traded, please delete me!