a poem,

dear Yomega,
i learned this somewhere
the power of the yoyo
isn’t here, or there.
it’s in the hearts and souls
of the people who know
they are why the wind blows
to move a thousand people.
one must first be moved
the hardest part
is breaking out of the grooves.
to break the mold.
show what it is to be free.
to forget what you’ve been told.
nothing is more powerful,
than that of the word.
breaking free of society
to be free as a bird.
it’s not what’s on stage,
or in the the palm of your hand.
it’s the beat of your own drum,
to cry with the hand.
to see the unseen
you must understand.
it’s you who is free.
the leader of the band.
your faithful player,




how so?

Well, it’s not not blown…

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that’s deep.

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thanks, i get that way when i yoyo. it helps me get my thoughts in a line.

good job!

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