A new generation

I have no IDEA how this got uploaded but then, i’ll just show it.
Short preview for a yoyo video. Marks my first year of yoyoing. I haven’t shown my best though. I’ll make a better one in the future, possibly with more people as well. Special thanks to team regen who have been supporting me all the way(well, almost) and starting off really well. Congrats! A better video will come soon! Yoyo used: Yoyofactory DNA
I’ll promise 2 things when the video is made:

  1. It’ll be outdoors
  2. It’ll look much, much better and the tricks will also be better.

sick DNA bro i wish they’d bring them back. id love to get a reg one i only got the pre-pro one. great vid

haha thanks. i’d love to try the pre-pro one actually.

Cool video

Nice DNA I have always wanted one of those