A few questions about K-pads, and gen pads.

Will the gen pads fit my second run hatrick? And what’s the difference between turning point K-pads and normal YYF K-pads?

Yes, the general hat pads will fit the Hattrick. Take a look at response system on the shop page.


I’m not sure about YYF K-Pads though, sorry :frowning:

Not hat pads, gen pads, there different.

Nope, Gen pads fit 5 Star and Torrents only. Hatpads fit Hatricks and MiniStars only. :slight_smile:

~James Reed!

Turining Point K-Pads and YoYoFactory K-Pads are one and the same.
They’re made by Kentaro Kimura, who owns Turining Point but is on Team YoYoFactory, so that’s why you’ll sometimes see Turning Point and sometimes YoYoFactory associated with K-Pads.