A Day at the Cabin

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Awesome new video! I really like your videos, and think you do a great job! I thought the Gnarwhal was going to fall into the water for a second, lol. Also, how you you tie your slipknot like that?

I watched it on youtube before this! Favorited. One of the best yoyo vids yet. Has to be in top 50!

well… its pretty easy to tie them like that… its kinda hard to explain but you tie a normal knot like 1 or 2 inches and then kinda tie another knot but you catch it on the knot you just made… like i said its really hard to explain…


1:34-1:44 Pagodas FTW :wink: Also, great video! :slight_smile:

What is in your shorts! ??? :37-1:20. But anyway, awesome video! ;D

Adam, did you know your my hero lol :smiley:

nice video.

  1. U look like that guy on youtube called insaneyoyoer888 or mosquito314