A bear and a man walk into a bar... CLYW video contest entry.

This is for the CLYW video contest.

I’m just having some fun in the video, not trying to do things incredibly impressive. Fun is what yoyoing should be about.

If you have seen any of my other videos you should recognize some of these tricks. I don’t show off any of my new tricks except one of my regenerations that I am darn proud of.


Enjoy the fruits of my… trees.


The regen at :10 was totally amazing, and it was a nice video. Totally cool!

James, that was amazing. I was smiling the whole video ;D

You have no idea how much I love doing that regen.

I need to get some slow motion footage of that for people to see more clearly.

Thanks for the comments guys.

I’m also going to be in that contest, and I posted my video already.

Happy Throwing! -=]

That was very nice, you got the skills. I would vote for you. :slight_smile: ;D :slight_smile: :smiley: