A 1A Short


My first video, Constructive critism and all the other good stuff welcome:




wow your good!!!


you said construcive criticism but i can’t find anything to criticize. You are amazing!


Wow! Amazing. Nice video, man your really good, wayyyyy better than I thought. I hope you make another one, I really enjoy it!!! ;D :wink: :slight_smile:


Will do, I am working on some more stuff, this was my first video and normally people make videos like 6 months etc, but this was my first so nobody kinda saw me progress, if you no what I mean


Yeah, I know.

(202andrew) #7

Smooooth! Great video. I loved the flow the video gave.


You said it the way I wanted to.


Wow…just wow.I had to watch that twice to make sure i was seeing it right dude.your amazing


I :heart: your style. So smooth fluent and you included whips and slack and suicides and hubstacks. Just amazing…

(DOGS) #11

Pretty freakin’ good! I want to see more.


Thanks for all the comments!