888x or Madhouse Epic?

I’m looking at those two yoyos right now but I’m not sure wich one should I get?
Note: My favorite throws are Majesty and genesis and I have a Capella coming in the mail

888 it’s because I love more organic shapes but you can actually use the stacks on the epic for tricks cause they are so flippinn big.

The 888x is not worth the money. Considering you like the majesty and genesis, the shape of the EPIC is closer to a majesty than an 888 is.

The Ta-Tas of the Epic are the best hubstacks around. Period. The yoyo plays really nice too.

I choose the Epic by miles. 888x is just not that nice of a yoyo.

If you were going to buy an 888x, buy a mint one off the BST and take advantage of the depreciation. Market price is about $50, half that of a new Epic.

On the other hand, when I’m looking for a new yoyo, I usually think to myself, “I want something totally unlike what I already own.” :slight_smile:

Epic all the way. I would never lie and tell anyone that the 888x is worth $100. It simply isn’t. The Raptor is a far better player for less than half the price. The 888x just doesn’t cut it.

The 888x doesnt play like 100 buck IMHO.

Get the epic even if it is loud as @#$%