(5A) Spiderman tower - slo-mo/breakdown

Hi, just a vid I took for myself at EYYM and it ended up being a pretty decent tutorial once slowed down, it’s an intermediate/advanced 5A trick

Spiderman tower on dailymotion

That was really cool, with the slow motion it was really easy to see how it all worked!

glad you like it, I really thought the trick looked cool but back then I didn’t feel confident enough to learn and remember it, so I figured I’d film it and slow it down when I got back home, which I did and it turned up as a very understandable video, so well… thought I’d share (got the player’s agreement first of course)

aside of the part where he goes around the arm, everything else is very clear and easy to see, and the arm part is pretty much evident to figure out anyways.

if you got your basics down, this trick is fairly easy to perform (a bit harder to master of course) and looks really good.