5a metal yoyo


I want a good 5 a yoyo that’s metal that’s the same size as a legacy or clos to it my price range is $50-$60 or less

(Chase Baxter) #2

How about a Shinwoo Zen? Does that fit your preferances, there’s also the Duncan Metal Zero which is made for 5A


I use my DV888 for 5A


is it good and smooth

(Q) #5

I uh. I use(d) my Legacy, just sayin.
But if you really want a metal go with an Eneme, nice and smooth on the string, nice grinds, an all around good yoyo.

(YYF/YYJboi) #6

thats what i use… but i prefer my die nasty ;D

(Q) #7

I usually use one yoyo for everything. Well, I used to, until I went on the huge buying spree. Haha


if you are capable of going over $60 might i suggest a YoYoFactory Genesis? otherwise a DV888 may be your best bet


Protostar or OG PGM are nice.

(Chase Baxter) #10

ENEME is exactly what I use for 5A and its perfect

(Thomas) #11

G5 is little bit over wat ur asking but is great for 5A. http://shop.yoyoexpert.com/product/37/YYF-G5 and here is a review about it. http://yoyoexpert.com/forums/index.php/topic,15528.msg155872.html#msg155872


Try the YoYoJam Bi-Metals.

(Mitch) #13

I’d buy a new Legacy… Use it for 1A, use your old one for 5A, and then you have that extra money for accessories… Or maybe a 2A or 5A yoyo… And because you’ll have two legacy’s you could start 3A… The Legacy is one of my favorite plastics, and plays aswell as alot of metal’s I’ve tried.


In my preference for a $60 good playing 5A yoyo would be the DV888.

(yoyo jake) #15

m1 is the beast at 5a


Eneme or PGM , i saw a vid of takeshi matsuura using a pgm? any suggestions

(YYF/YYJboi) #17

a PGM is probaly HIS preference, that doesnt mean its yours. a legacy and a PGM play alot diffrent.

but the eneme fits MY preference for 5a


He would NEVER in his whole life use a PGM.
Maybe you’re talking about a Night Moves 5 or a Lyn Fury.

Brian, seriously, where do you get all these information…


i enjoy using first gen projects.


What yoyo does takeshi use? I’m thinking if a dv888 but I’m not sure or a yoyo takeshi uses