(5A) double or nothing problem

Hi, so I got started on 5A, I got the windmill part where one should not pinch the string, I can do some trapeze based tricks (basic) and the 1&1/2 mount, the problem is that with the double or nothing, I’m pretty sure I don’t pinch but I always end up in a houdini mount instead of a double or nothing (so with one loop of string wrapped around my NTH thumb instead of index.

any one could help by any chance ?

thanks !

I don’t get it, a double or nothing goes around your pointer fingers only.

we’re talking 5A right ? I can’t get it to go over my pointer UNLESS I do the 1st revolution around my NTH thumb, then it ends up in a “regular(ish)” double or nothing comparable to the 1A one

when i was learning the mounts this video really helped me out

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The video says it all.

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great, thanks

I got another, yet harder, way to get to double or nothing now, but I’ll probably go with the thumb one as well, I’ll see

but I didn’t know bout the wrist mount, I’m going to try that, thanks

Your welcome, glad to help. :smiley: