4th of July!!!


Happy 4th of July evryone!!! just to say that i want everyone to have a lot of fun today and do some firworks!!!

also about a year ago i did this with x52 a lot

O0     do you want to know how to do it??     first you put a capital O like that.  then right next to the O you put a 0. put them together you get an afro guy!!!   O0

Again Happy 4th of July!!!


Happy 4th to everyone. O0


O0 awesome O0




Whoops sorry for triple posting tho O0

(Raphael) #6



O0 cool O0


O0 nice O0


looks like you guys like the afro guys!!!



Happy late 4th of July! O0 O0 O0 8) that dude has no afro


you shaved his hair off!

dont worry he grew it back O0