4a/5a yoyos

What yo-yo do you highly suggest that isn’t very expensive, that is good for 4a or 5a, expensive meaning like please maybe under 35$ >.<, and good/smooth play?
My b-day coming up ;D and I wanted to tell ma and da a hint on what they should get me… (that’s how I roll on b-days :P)
Also, when should I even start playing 4a or 5a, like what lvl of 1a? Intermediate? Advanced?

Ashiru Kamui Light = Awesome 4a yoyo for beginners

Ok thanks! Any others? Need votes :open_mouth:

Well, yea, the Fiesta XX is great too, it’s just that I found the Ashiru Kamui Light to perform better than it, and it’s actually my best offstring throw, it beats my crucial milkshake.

For 5a, I use YYR Diffusion, but that is slightly over your budget.

Can I have links to those?

I can’t post store links, so I will PM them to you.

oh ok

Almost any yoyo would do for a 5A beginner. as long as it’s got a bit of weight to it (the YYF one wouldn’t be great).

Just grab some Counter Weights from a store near you or YYE and go for it. If you don’t want to buy the weights you can just drill a hole into a board game dice and stick that onto a string.

Here is a link to the: Feista XX

For a learner though I would suggest The Go Big. The rubber rims make having it fall to the ground that bit easier so you can try bigger tricks without worrying ‘will my yoyo go off the balcony and shatter’.

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