3 Modfather FHzs, Modfather FH2, Metal Zero, Pocket change, DS/GBA games

3 red 80th anniversary duncan FHzs all duel siliconed by the ModFather! 2 with blue caps, 1 with yellow. all 3 are MINT!

yellow FH2 single side pad recessed by the Modfather with black Modfather caps MINT!

Metal ZERO! Mint, and it CAN be tuned smooth!

Pocket Change. it has a crack in the little thing that keeps the rim from spinning when you try to unscrew it so its a little tricky to unscrew, and i think its previous owner super glued the caps on. idk i ges its a deal evener

nintendo ds games and GBA games. just ask.

i want any really good pair of looping yoyos! 720s, NXGs, 900s, anything good!
i also want anything YYF, CLYW, SPYY, or any other metal and plastic yoyos just no YYJ metal/plastic hybrids

thanks for your time!

In the way of loopers all I have is a stock raider, a modded duncan ignite with a bearing, a stock ignite, and a stock fireball. In the plastic yo-yos group all I have is a dragon jam with shims and a mosquito. Btw, if we were to trade I be trading for one of the FHZ’s. I also have some ds/gba games in case you were looking for some new ones.