2a questions

ive been messing around with 2a alil bit but im not quite getting a perfect string length right now they r set to from my shoulder to the tip of my middle finger and it feels alright but i think it cud be ,ore comfortable so i was wondering is there a way to figure out the perfect length with out going through a bunch of strings and i have 2 sunsets right now and just got 2 lime lights havnt tried them yet but i was tryin to figure out wht wud be a rly good set to get cause the sunsets feel alil small

If you watched Andre’s looping tutorials, he said that the string length for him is from his pocket to the ground.

but thats for him everyone is diff i was wondering if there was a way to find ur personal length thats perfect

Yeah, I suggested that since you didn’t know what to do. You gotta sacrifice a few pieces then.

otay i guess i can do that

Take your string, pick what you think would be a good length, tie the loop and throw a few loops without cutting off the excess string. If it’s uncomfortable, adjust it to be a longer or shorter length and repeat the process until you find a comfortable length. I usually start at the bottom of my pocket and go shorter by small intervals from there. Then once you find a good length, measure your future strings using that original string as a template (this is where having 2 yoyos comes in handy. When changing strings, make sure to do them one at a time).

The Sunsets are great yoyos. They’re pretty forgiving to your fingers because they’re somewhat light.

As for length, you might take a look at the latest posts and comments on http://mrcnja.blogspot.com/