2019 winter trick dump with the 2sick blockade!


Whatsup guys. Wanted to share this here. Put a lot of effort into making new tricks this winter and came up with 3 or 4 new ones that I’m consistently using in my rotation now. Let me know what you think!

(Jacob Waugh) #2

I’m gonna need to learn some of this.


Thanks my.dude! I got some tuts on my channel not necessarily.from the video but I definitely got some cool elements up there.

(Jacob Waugh) #4

On it! just subbed.


Thanks! I appreciate it a lot

(Victorian YoYos) #6

Very nice


Thank you friend :slight_smile:

(Jacob Waugh) #8

Learning Popsicles rn.


Awesome! If you need any help or tips let me know!