2015 Battle of the Elders (30+) - People's Choice winners p23

This was seriously funny ;D

Ahhh nuts! I’ve been working on fixed axle tricks all year this year. It kind of “stalled” during the summer, but I was hoping to send everyone for a “loop” in my video.

Camping trip got canceled. Drove 5 hours there (many stops along the way) when a family member broke down with a fever, nausea, etc. We came home to be safe. :frowning:

To be honest, in my 1A tunnel-vision I was just imagining that this was going to be 1A. But I never confirmed with any of the other stakeholders. Let me double-check and get back to y’all. Frankly, I don’t see why so-called “0A” (1-handed responsive) should be excluded other than the fact that the judging criteria might be affected somehow. But since there are no clickers involved…

Not trying to get your hopes up. :wink: There are many stakeholders other than me. I will check in on it.

It’s ok, Greg. I don’t want to create any difficulties. If it’s easier to have everyone throw 1A, I will certainly comply. I’ve actually been working on a few new tricks (and failing miserably), but with 3 weeks to go, I’m optimistic that I should be able to put together a video of humiliating catastrophe.

Really sorry your trip was derailed. It sucks when you go through the trouble of all the planning and have to scrap it all at the last second. I hope whoever fell ill is feeling better soon.

Unfortunately I don’t think my (lack of) talent will allow me to use my age to capitalize on this…
I have this mental image of Steve and Ed dropping in like “hai guys, I could use some new yoyo stuffs”

I think the real question is: What would you do for a free pack of 10 strings? I WOULD MAKE A 94 SECOND VIDEO AND POST IT TO YOYOEXPERT - THATS WHAT!!!

I am 34 years old and I have a MEAN TRAPEZE. Be prepared to be amazed!!!

I’m In!!!

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Seems like a good time to present our esteemed panel of judges!! In no particular order:

Steve Brown is a National Yo-Yo Master, the inventor of counter weight yoyo play, was a long-time touring demonstrator, teacher, and competitor… and the list goes on. Steve is currently the Marketing Manager at CLYW

Dazzling Dave Schulte is a National Yo-Yo Master, world record holder, globe-trotting performer, multi-contest champion, and one of the world’s most esteemed contest judges.

Daniel Dietz is a highly-ranked player with over a decade of performing and teaching experience and a well-known body of charity work. He is co-owner of Spin Dynamics

Augie Fash is a National YoYo Champion, with a long list of other championships and rankings as well. He has been a touring performer and is currently the Director of Sales and Marketing for Duncan Toys

Ed Haponik is one of the most revered players in the game, especially (but not exclusively) within the fixed axle renaissance of which he has been a huge part. Writer, innovator, and a Fixed Axle Champion OF THE WORLD(!), Ed also plays and writes for Tom Kuhn Yo-Yos

I’m in this year! Spent a $1.99 for a video editing app for my phone and everything.

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I got my video into Greg. A little early but I was excited!

I hear ya. I’ll have to see if I can figure out how to get a video together.

I am going to teach my dad walk the dog and enter so I can get free string!

If you can teach your dad to walk the dog, maybe rock the baby or an eiffel tower… do a forward pass or two… and capture it all on video? I would have no qualms about rewarding that with a pack of strings.

Just added to the updated rules:

You can submit videos from ANY CATEGORY! While many of you will still be submitting 1A videos (and that’s perfectly fine), you can cherry pick your favourite tricks from across one or more categories. A few people have asked me about 3A, 4A, and fixed axle… it’s all game!

The judging criteria do not have a “click” factor, so missing the string hits that a 1A speed combo gives you will not affect your odds. That said, I don’t want 1A-only people to think their odds are going down, either. We have an absolutely stellar, diverse, and conscientious panel of judges who will neither penalize nor reward you for your choice of either one or multiple styles.

(1A speed combos can be quite impressive still, so if that’s your thing, you should still go for it!)

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Fixed-axle allowed! Whoo-hoo! Now I will have enough material to actually make a video 1:30 long. :slight_smile:

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Looks like i need to get to work soon I’ll be in the year or less category i may have a fighting chance lol sounds like fun though

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Three weekends to go is still a nice buffer, but I thought I’d bump this up as a reminder anyhow! I am close to finalizing the prize packages for announcing, but before I do that, a quick question:

Lots of people enjoyed the opportunity to vote with the previous 2 contests. One person in particular commented that it was their favourite part; even moreso than competing!

What say ye to borrowing a page from Gambit’s book and offering a sweet prize for the “People’s Champion”? Voting open to everyone including competitors.

I for one say “yea”. Any others?

i think its a good idea… i vote yea

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I’ve got a few ideas for mine just a matter of pulling out off. I want to keep my video elements a surprise though.


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I vote yea.

He knows my username! Greg knows my username!

I for one vote ayyyyyyeee!

This contest is the only thing taking the edge off getting older. Sure, I’m now closer to 30 than I am to 20… but at least I’m closer to being able to enter this contest. ;D

Wish it didn’t come with the male-pattern-baldness though. Them receeding hairline feels… puts on hat

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