2014 Eastern Canadian Regionals (ECR) in Toronto on Feb 16

When: February 16th, 2014

Where: Toronto, ON

Details are in http://www.ecr2014.com

Updates will be posted in this thread, as well as the Facebook event https://www.facebook.com/events/244161719088214/


Contest organizers: Wayne Ngan & Michael Maddeaux

Welp, I’m super excited.

Woot woot!

Cool, anyone know where nationals are this year?

Canada Nationals 2013 has already passed

Sorry I meant 2014.

Nationals 2014 will be in Vancouver.

Can Americans compete?

Yes anyone can compete, but only Canadians will be seeded to Canadian Nationals.

ECR website is finally updated with info! It’s still not quite everything, but has enough to start making plans.

The date is confirmed February 16th.

Come join the Facebook event at https://www.facebook.com/events/244161719088214/ for the latest updates

ECR registration is open. If you’d like to compete in any division – 1A, open, or sport ladder – please register online. Thanks!!


Reminder to everyone who is planning to compete. Online registration closes on February 13th. If you miss online registration, you will need to register at the door which will be $25 for any division.