2 code 1's $61


nationals edition Ywet 1 of 30 (1 faded ano circle under the IRG almost unnoticeable- factory error mark) looking to get $87 sold
c3 dibase 2 (3 small dings) $30 sold
Pair of 2013 superstars-gold, and a paul kerbal orange (3a marks and some dings) $75
Pair of code 1s (some dings and lots of 3a marks, still smooth) $61
Higby Lyn fury (nm to mint hard to tell no cracks, dings, or scuffs) $17
OG gold and clear rimmed hitman ( 5 small cracks on the rims, and some scuffs and scratches) $17 sold
Dragon Rouge 3g (mint) $55
Sr71 (small dings, small cracks, and tarnished) $15
Blue vogue crazy D mint $40 (sold)

prices includes shipping in the US
Buyer pays paypal fees or sends as a gift

I am looking for
Lufia GBA
Pokemon Emerald, Ruby, Saphire, Fire Red
Tomb Raider GB
Dragon Warrior 3 GB
Astro Boy Omega
Other assorted games and such
Also welcome to n64 and snes games
offer away


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good deals for anyone with a cliff


code 1’s sale

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