1A Peek-A-Boo Tutorial


So a lot of my friends have asked for me to make this tutorial for some time. Another person posted a similar trick recently (Allergies) and thought it’s was time I get off my keester and do the video. So here it is. It’s my first ever full tutorial and I can definitely see where I need improvement. Specially not letting my phone use auto focus. Lol. I did this entire video on my Sprint Samsung Galaxy SII phone and it took awhile to learn how to use the video creator that came with the phone and on that, I think it turned out pretty good. I hope people will take the time to learn the trick and work it into their routines. It looks amazing when done horizontally. I didn’t do that on the video because I’m still getting it down on horizontal. My friend I taught it to a couple of months ago got it horizontally really good and it’s sick. Just make sure you swing your body around fast to keep the YoYo from touching your hands. Centrifugal force helps this. Well watch it, rate it, and let me know what you think of it. ;D



I’m excited to learn this!!!


Thanks man, I really appreciate it!




thanks for posting that on my thread! accident or not! definetely a crowd pleaser!


Did my eye just look at the Holi Grail of yoyoing @@ ??? Man this tricks is sick ,i luvvvvvvvvvvvv it


Try other things while its underneath. Like dancing, or walking sideways in the opposite direction as the YoYo pops out. Our get your face really close and slowly open your hands a little and play peek a boo for real. remember to get your face out of the way though when you do pop it out. Lol. Kids love this one.

Where’s the YoYo? where’s the YoYo? There it is!


I like it I’m going to try that out tomorrow
yay! i did it its awesome