11th Yo Down Show Down / Update / Farmington, NM / Four Corners Area

Hello Everyone,

The 11th Yo Down Show Down coming up in Farmington, New Mexico on Friday, July 3rd.  The contest is a pretty relaxed event to promote the “Art of Yo!” in the area and encourage more people to try string slinging. If anyone is interested in performing a few short demos before the contest, please contact me at lukerennerstringslinger@live.com.  I’ll be performing a few tricks and hosting a workshop at 1:45pm.  This event is geared to meeting other players in the area and having fun! I’m trying to get the word out about the contest to area players so feel free to forward this information/post on other boards.  Sponsored by MagicYoYo, YoYoFactory and Duncan Toys.


- Luke Renner

The event is on Friday, July 3rd at the Farmington Museum (3041 E. Main Farmington, NM)
Here are details about events at the museum.

1:45pm Yo-Yo Workshop

5pm – 8:30pm Family Freedomfest - Gateway Park Museum & Visitor Center Terrace
Brought to you by Millennium/Leavitt Insurance

5:00 Ice Cream Social: ice cream eating contest, sundaes & root beer floats
Farmington Museum Foundation & Creamland Dairies – sponsors

5:00 Performance by San Juan College’s Company

5:45 Yo Yo Demonstration & Contest – Luke Renner

6:30 Delbert Anderson Trio, Connie Gotsch Arts Foundation – sponsor

7:15 Kissmah Brass Band, Millennium/Leavitt Insurance - sponsor
Great food and ice cream available for purchase from fantastic food vendors and the Farmington Museum Foundation. Stay after and enjoy the fireworks and musical simulcast!