$115 shipped CHIEF FOR SALE/ trade for MULTIPLE HIGH END YYF also updated B/S/T

CHIEF black w/ pink speckle. this edition retailed for 165 and i am asking 130 for it (i dont have paypal.) 3 mini scuffs that are smaller than half of my index finger nail (damage shown in pics)

2012 Genesis Red w/ Silver Splash
2012 Genesis Silver w/ Blue Splash
Catalyst Green
Supernova 2012
Avant Garde Black w/ red splash
Avant Garde 2 Blue
Superstar Pink w/ Blue splash (custom annodized)
Monster bombsquad (2)

CLYW: Chief Black w/ Pink speckle
(has minor damage that is shown in the pics)

YYJ: Go Big White

Pics: http://www.flickr.com/photos/85527323@N04/

Chief is black w/ pink speckle minor damage.

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