100% poly string

So the other day I went and bought some string without thinking. Turns out it was 100% poly. I tried it on my Velocity and found that the slipknot on my finger won’t stay tight, and will actually rotate around my finger when I move the string for tricks. Does this happen to anyone else with 100% poly string?

poly is not rough, like cotton, and makes less friction. also, it breaks in, oincei t does, it wont rotate.

The way you put the string on your finger makes a big difference, especially if you’re looping. The side of the slipknot (double string) causes the string to rotate in one direction and not so much in the other. Test this by pulling the string to rotate it on your finger. You’ll find it rotates much easier in one direction. See which way works best for 1A. And it will break in too.

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A new string is just still a little stiff so the slipknot doesn’t like to hold it’s shape and stay tight. It should be fine after a few minutes of play.

Any slip knot with any string will move. The part of the slip knot with the loop or the 2 strings, can slip. So if you pull that direction of the 2 strings, it’ll move no matter what.

When I do fronstyle combos, I put it the opposite way and the other way back for sidestyle.

So take the slip knot off your finger, flip it around, and it should work.