100 percent polyester string

Is 100 percent polyester string …good for anything or is it just a waste because it melts quick

It’s really good, not as great when you’ve played with it for a long time though.

Poly is the best string ever made, IMO. It is great for all forms except 2A, where you will need a more responsive string like cotton in order to loop better. It is durable, long lasting (in my case) and does not melt. :stuck_out_tongue: I’m shure anyone you ask will say the same thing 8)

i have many of them never seems to melt but it seems to wear out quick and break quick. but my fav string is Jamesofyoyo’s 100%Secret string last for such a long time and the string doesnt seem to look worn out like pollyester or cotton.

IMHO, poly is the way to go with the newer yoes we play with today for string tricks. And the poly strings is made in many many colors and types of stiffness that aren’t available in cotton or cotton poly.

I have just tried the Brazillian mondo and Chaos poly string, both fantastic.

As with any string, replace as needed to prevent damage to your yo, yourself, and from hitting innocent bystanders.

I can make polyester string last for 2 weeks without breaking or wearing out. I really love it, my favorite string!