Yyr, mowl, dressel designs, atmos, f&fb, thesis

CONUS only. PayPal F&F preferred. Message me if you’d like to see more photos or have any questions. Just looking for cash only. Thanks.

MOWL Surveillance, gold MIB. Smooth. $120

Parthenon NMIB with light scratches on side of aluminum rings in cup. Very slight fingernail vibe. $75

Few & Far Between Inception. Has multiple scratches on rims. Can’t be felt. Very slight fingernail vibe. With box and goodies. $110

Yoyofriends Peregrine NMIB with light scratches on aluminum side of rims. Smooth. $90

YYR Futura. No damages. Has some vibe. Comes in “?” box from mystery box. $20

YYR Valkyrie. One small ding on rim. Light fingernail vibe. No box. $110

Thesis Da Capo, Markmont edition. NMTBS. Slight fingernail vibe. $40

OP YoYos Typo $40. B-grade for marks on iridescent rings. Ever so slight fingernail vibe.

Dressel Designs Fusion SS. Green. $60 3 flat spots on rims. Slight fingernail vibe.

Dressel Designs Fusion Brass. Blue. $60 4 or 5 little nics. Slight fingernail vibe

YYR Overdrive Draupnir. Green. $115. Couple of marks on the ss. One or two extremely small nics on rim. Slight fingernail vibe.

YYR Rami. $115. Couple of marks I guess you could call them. Not really damage. Smooth.

Atmos Projects. Thunderberry. Smooth. Few flat spots. $60

YYR Gotham. Slight fingernail vibe and some marks/discoloration. $20


Is the Valkyrie an OG one or a newer one?

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New, OG valks never had a subtle engraving (outside of completely raw). You won’t mistake the two.


Jusy outta curiosity Is there a significant difference between the two? Ive got the newer one but never thrown the OG. I’ve got a feeling that you’re a good person to ask on how and why a yoyo performs how it does, even though ive never asked you something like that before hahaha :wink: :rofl:


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Ill buy blue fusion

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Prices adjusted!