WTS/WTT Dif-e-Yo Internal Turmoil + MagicYoYo N10 "Ceramic"

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PM me for shipping fees (and please keep in mind, i`m from Russia, so it will be quite expensive).

Willing to sell or trade these:

[s]YYF 888 08 black matt - very gently used, cant find any marks on it, with box.[/s] GONE [s][b]YYF 888 08|08|08[/b] red, large bearing - barely used, with box [/s]GONE [s][b]SPYY Spyder II[/b] swapped halves to full silver with blue splashes - thrown couple of times, with box [/s]GONE [s][b]HSpin Pyro III Custom[/b] (engraving says "Keep Flames Burning!") - gently used, no marks, with box[/s] GONE [b]Dif-e-Yo Internal Turmoil[/b] some marks that all raw yoyos have - bearing is squeaking, ill replace it with brand new flat one for no additional cost. $60 obo
MagicYoYo N10 “Ceramic” mint in boxes, three pieces - Chrysantemum, Orchid, Bamboo, all of them have vibe $25 each

Prices are negotiable, but be resonable in negotiations.
I can throw in some lower grade yoyos as a deal sweeteners :slight_smile:

My current “most wanted” things for trades:

First: please do not offer YYF, Werrd, chinese yoyos, plastics, and wood.
[i]Second:Offered yoyos mustnt have damage.[/i] And list: [i]Cash through paypal[/i], of course :) [i][b]HighSpeedYoYo Aluminium cases (15 seats or bigger)[/b][/i] - a priority [i]RSL[/i] [i]54[/i] (sodablasted, yoyoexpert ed, or some nice splashed version) [i]Dietz[/i] (same as 54) [i]Dang[/i] (orange, or same as 54 and Dietz) [i]Trident[/i] (Ng Wang Kit only) [i]Puffin[/i] (Earth Spin version) [i]Glacier Express[/i] (Harrison Hurricane or Ash Berry, FGs are fine if they aren`t too vibey)
BvsM2 (Yogi, City of Champions)
Avalanche (same as 54, Dietz and Dang)
Winning bird (clear ano version only)
Glaze (blue or black)
Rhong-To (single-colored)

Other offers are welcome, but please remember conditions above the list.

Thanks for watching.

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