Water - Replacement for Mineral Spirits?

My yo-yo is responsive as of late, and I have no mineral spirits lying around my house. I’m wondering if I could use water to replace for the spirits in cleaning the bearing.

I think that would cause rusting

Yeah, that’s my main concern.

Soap and water will work, Just be sure to blow it out well w/compressed air. Make sure it’s dry then lube lightly.

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youre gonna want to do that big time. if you lube it lightly after like he said there should be absolutely no problem at all

That wouldn’t really be ideal. however, if you were to use water with Dawn dishwashing liquid(because it cuts grease and oils), it would be a start to a good cleaning. You’d then need to ensure we thoroughly dry the bearing. If you do this, then you’ll be fine. I still don’t recommend this method. As long as you completely dry things out, there is nothing to worry about. Using water all by itself is not going to do anything. Dawn is designed to cut through grease and oils and help wash it away. So you may already have what you need to clean bearings.

So, water alone isn’t going to replace mineral spirits. Water plus Dawn will be a pretty good alternative if thoroughly dried afterwards.

Also pure acetone or lighter fluid work as well

I use acetone. Using soap and water will work but it won’t do near as well as acetone, lighter fluid, or mineral spirits. They are made to break down the old lubricant and wash away everything in it. If you can, try to get a hold of one of them.

You got that mostly right. The solvents are designed to break down existing lubricants. As far as washing away everything, that really varies. Really, to remove additional contaminants, the best methods involve Elephark’s paper slip method, which really pulls a lot of stuff out, and blowing it out, which will remove less stubborn particles. I find that using the solvents alone isn’t sufficient when you’re really after the objective of getting those bearings as clean as possible. The solvents will get some of that stuff out, just not enough. They do a very good job of breaking down the lubricants though.

My preferred cleaning method involves mineral spirits and then the paper slip method, mostly because mineral spirits take a bit to evaporate so I have plenty of time for the paper slips. By the time I’m done with the paper slips, I’ve pretty much removed all the remaining mineral spirits. I then spin dry the rest of the way. I then follow that up with acetone, then spin dry. If any grit, I repeat the process. If no grit, then I Terrapin X Dry Play treat my bearings.

Dawn does a great job of breaking down and washing out lubricants. They use the same stuff we get at the grocery store to clean up after oil spills and rescue critters. I also use it to clean out brass instruments, especially the valves in trumpets, where it does a fantastic job and it’s safe on plastic. But, given a choice regarding yoyo bearings, I strongly recommend my method of cleaning. I don’t like lighter fluid, but it works just fine. I also feel the Ronsol fluid works the best of the various lighter fluids. I still prefer mineral spirits and acetone. My only gripe about acetone is it evaporates fast, but that can be a huge plus at times.

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I haven’t heard about the paper method and I can’t find anything about it online. Where can I find it?

Thank you!

Paper slip cleaning method:

Enjoy more!

Since I have ceramic and I’ve never use any sort of lube in the bearings, is it still completely necessary to soak in acetone every time?

I’ve used hand sanitizer before. Worked fine.

how well it it worked compared to other solutions?

Hand sanitizer cleans them, but it won’t break down the old lubricant which is key for really getting your bearing clean, so I wouldn’t use that all of the time

You only need to clean out the bearing when there is a problem.

With ceramics, you may not need to lubricate as often. Always use LESS than you think you need.

Acetone, mineral spirits or lighter fluid should not harm the bearing in any way.

I know it won’t harm them, and you should never lube a ceramic bearing with liquid lube, only dry. I was just wondering if I could blow it out with compressed air instead of using acetone

You can start with that. If it doesn’t do it, then go ahead and use acetone to clean it out.