The "I want to go to Worlds" Sale

Yoyorecreation Blur Autoscopy - Green - Mint - $65

Sense Next Journey - Gray/Green - Mint - $30

Turning Point Kiwi - Blue - No dings, some vibe - $65

Duncan Orbital GTX 2 - Clear/Black - Mint - $35

CLYW/Luftverk Plastic Peak - White - Mint - $15

Shipping within USA is $5. Happy to do bundles. Will sell everything for $180 shipped.

For my trades list, see here LF CLYW, Empathy, YYF, UNPLRD, Mowl, Sense, YJ Yoyo, Atmos - #86 by cayce


bump :smiley: :slight_smile:

I pm’ed did you get it?

Dude me today lol. I just looked at the cost and there’s no way.


@organya1 Blur Autoscopy for ya homie

Already talked to cayce :sob:

all prices dropped… :slight_smile: :slight_smile: aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaajjjj help me

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