The G2 Production Hunt

Hello, I am attempting to get a full G2 production set and have quite a few already, but quite a few missing. If you have any of the following please let me know:

Model Variant
Triton AL7
Quake AL7
Donation n/a
Aftershock AL7
Elite Brass
Marvel AL7
Wolf AL7
Casefile 001 n/a
Pelican n/a
Elite 18 AL7 + SS
Elite 18 AL6 + Brass
Casefile 003 n/a
Casefile 004 n/a
Direwolf AL7
Banshee SS AL6 + Brass
Respawn Lite AL7
Respawn X Hallowe’en '23
Campaign Normal
Arbiter AL6 + Brass

Any colour would be considered and preferably no damage with a box.



Some Monday luck perhaps?

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