Selling/trading some rares! (85$ recrev bundle!)

(Pantheon Throws) #23

Bump 71!


Have you tried tuning it man? Most modern throws can be tuned dead smooth in my experience unless they’re damaged or have flaws

(Pantheon Throws) #26

Oh heck yeah. I have “clocked” (hehgettittuningjoke) more than 4 hours trying to cancel out the vibe, so there must be flaws somewhere. Which after looking at the axle length, actually isn’t really a surprise to me.


ah, thats a shame :confused:

Good luck finding a smoother one!

(Jacob Waugh) #28

If you are talking about the Charm, all Recess Bi-metals are prone to vibe, don’t know why.


Yeah I’ve heard that! I’ve noticed that most of my bimetals are a prone to vibe a little more than my monometals in general, but apparently the Recess bis are bad about it.

(Pantheon Throws) #30

Bump #79! i will be gone from the 19th to the 1st and probably without internet, so be aware of that if you PM me!