Selling some rares/oldies! (Small price cut!)

Prices in USD, PayPal is the only thing I accept, and I live in Canada, so if you live in the US, add 15$ f&f for shipping, 20$ if you do g&s, but my rep on the forums is good, so f&f shouldn’t be a problem. Will consider shipping outside of the US and Canada, but it will cost you more, of course. PM for more pictures.

RecRev facade, 1 ding and a few microscopic pinpricks. No original packaging. Pretty vibey on nail, but relatively smooth on string. ONLY SELLING AS PAIR WITH OKTAVE, 85$
recrev first gen oktave, halfswapped, one concentrated group of pinpricks, one shallow ding, small pinpricks here and there. No original packaging. Almost dead smooth on string (which is rare for this yoyo), decent fingernail vibe. ONLY SELLING AS PAIR WITH FACADE, 85$
Recess charm, a strange light ring on the inside of both cups, otherwise mint. Comes with original box and string. Pretty bad nail and string vibe. 25$
yoyofactory cypher, Prague 2014 WYYC edition, a pair of flatspots that just break ano, two pinpricks, and general ano loss and fade. No original packaging. Smooth on string, a little nail vibe. 15$
yoyofactory super g, couple large but barely feelable scratches, pair of flatspots that just break ano. No original packaging. Some string vibe, some nail vibe. 15$


I thought this 000 has vibe…?


it does, which is why i have to sell it. even though it is actually little enough that i think most normal people wouldn’t notice it on the string, the knowledge that its there literally drives me mental. which is why you notice that i have a raw 000 in my wants list… i love how it plays, but because i love how it plays, i cant deal with the vibe it has.


I think @Myk_Myk’s point is you don’t say in your post that your 000 has vibe. Then you say you’ll send back any yoyo you receive that “has any vibe at all in any way”. Seems like you should probably state the 000 has vibe.