Sales yoyo: gorilla, overdrive draupnir, yyf old, yyr


Yyf yuksta-25 usd

Duncan gassopher-35usd

Recrev no9-45usd

C3tridient b-grade-35usd


Burnside-65usd,northstar(yellow+white)-50usd,crucial trectech-50usd,mvp2-65usd,smashingxscales-50usd



Yyf Severe caps-30 usd

Yyf One-5 usd

Crucial trectech-50 usd

China blue(iyoyo)-40usd

Yyf loop 900-17usd

Yyf loop 720-15 usd

Yyj atmosphere-22 usd

Yyj speedmaker-12 usd

Yyf protostar (green,red,orange,pink)-16usd

Yyf northstar (yellow,white)-20 usd

Yyf northstar (white kimmit ed)-30 usd

Yyf Starbrite -8 usd

Duncan fhz-30 usd

3yo3-50 usd

Fast yyf-5 usd

9.8 factor-5 usd

C3 capples-25 usd

Duncan gassopher-40usd

Sf motive-70 usd

Od burnside-60 usd

Scales float-50 usd

X3-65 usd

China 7075-25 usd

Recrev no9-50 usd

Recrev mangaroo-60 usd

C3 basted-35 usd

Blood brother-50 usd

Tp leviathan-55 usd

C3 triedent (b-grade)-40 usd

Yyf superstar (winston ed)-60 usd

Sengoku-80 usd

Yyr Gotham (spinkult ed)-55 usd

Yyf nova(green -black splash)-40 usd

Yyf yuksta (orange)-25 usd

Od cascade-70 usd

Tp x auldey positron-65 usd

Yyf Genesis (blue)-35 usd

Yyf catalyst mint-70usd

Yyf dogma-60 usd

Yyf chaotic-45 usd

Yyf yuksta (black-orange) -50 usd

Yyf MVP 2-70 usd

Yyf nova (aqua)-50 usd

Yyf boss (raw)-75 usd

Yyf dv888(blue,red)-28 usd

Yyf supernova (silver-splash black)-65 usd

Yyf Genesis (blue)-60 usd

Yyf avangard (Ann Connolly)-70 usd

Yyf avangard (silver)-60 usd

Yyf yuksta(Ann Connolly)-65 usd

Yyf yuksta(orange)-55 usd

Yyf superstar 2(gold)-40 usd

Yyf avangard (red splash)-63 usd

Yyf rockstar (gold splash)-55 usd

C3 basted-39usd

Clyw wish-105 usd sold

Clyw boy-80 usd

Clyw puffin-90 usd

Yyf supernova old-90 usd

G2 titanium-140 usd

Sf motive-70 usd

Yyr draupnir-135 usd

Yyr chopstick gorilla new-160 usd

C3 krown-120 usd

Frejya (prototype)-70 usd

Something anglam (cc ed)-150 usd

Something teddy loid-180 usd

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Wish sold

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Protostar 12 usd

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Overdrive draupnir-135 usd
Superstar winston-50usd
Yuksta ann-65 usd
Chopstick gorilla-160 usd


Wheres the draupnir?

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OP has a misleading title… it’s an OD Draup. Also clicked on it cause I thought a regular one was for sale.


Overdrive draupnir 125 usd,gorilla 150 usd,yuksta 15 usd,Genesis 40 usd

G2 titanium-130usd,tp leviathan-50 usd,tp positron -50 usd,

Pm sent

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